there are two parts need 1250 word for each portion a and b 2500 word total 1

With that in mind I challenge you to provide an estimate of what the price of Gold (in$) will be on the last trading day of May 2020?

You have to write a report that makes two approaches to this: a) one based on your own calculations and data and information you will gather from wherever you see appropriate (30% of the marks), and b) one based on secondary forecasts and views from various experts and think-tanks (30% of the marks).

Your final estimate should be a weighted average of the two aforementioned forecasts and I expect a good rationale on how you decide on those weights. (20% of the marks).

You are expected to write this report to read, look and feel like a professional journalistic FT/Business Week/Economist article (20% of the marks).

If you want class notes I will give.