This assessment task will enable students to: • critically evaluate a human resource strategy;

This assessment task will enable students to:
• critically evaluate a human resource strategy;

• apply research skills to identify external and internal factors which will influence the development of a human resource strategy for an industry; and
• apply the theories and principles of human resource management to the development of human resource strategy.

Task Overview:
Read the provided case study: The Chelmsford Hotel. You should read the case study overview,

together with the five scenarios that provide additional information and highlight current challenges.

Cindy Mitchell is the Director of Human Resources. While she has done an excellent job in managing the human resources of this family-run hotel, she is concerned that she does not have the knowledge and skills required to develop a more formal and strategic approach to HRM as the organization grows.

Cindy has engaged you as a consultant, and has asked that you devise a 3-year strategic plan for the organization,

with a particular focus on HRM. It will take approximately two years to complete the purchase and renovation of the new hotel, so the plan will cover the two years leading up to the opening, as well as the first year of operation.

In formulating and formatting your plan, you should be guided by each of the topics in BSMAN3003 SHRM. Where the information in the case study is silent on a particular topic,

you may make assumptions provided that these are stated. Your plan recommendations should also address the following questions that arise from the five scenarios:

Scenario A:
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a family-owned business? From an HRM perspective how can the organisation capitalise on the benefits and minimise or eliminate the drawbacks?

Scenario B:
What are the minimum employee behaviour policies that need to be established? How would you recommend these new policies be implemented and communicated to employees?
Scenario C:

Create a staffing plan for the hotel/s that corrects current staffing issues and addresses staffing needs as the organisation expands

Scenario D:
What elements need to be included in a performance management plan? How should employee complaints be handled?

Scenario E:

How can these employee problems be resolved? What policies and procedures should be implemented to integrate the new employees and to create a high-performance work team at the Garden Terrace Restaurant?

In taking a strategic approach to the management of human resources at The Chelmsford Hotel,

it is vital that your recommendations are mindful of the organisation’s mission. As stated in the case, that mission comes in two parts. First, it promises guests exemplary service and a memorable hotel experience. Second, but equally important to the owners, it promises employees a superior work environment and continued support for a satisfying career.

Your response should:
– be in an appropriate report format, including a title page, executive summary and contents page (which are not included in the word count).
– use Arial font, 11pt., with 1.5 line spacing.
– use Word’s normal margin setting.

– include references, cited using APA style, from at least eight reputable sources. These may include academic books and journals, business/management publications and credible online material.
– adhere to the word count +/- 10%. Submissions outside this limit will be returned for editing, and marks subtracted at 10% per day for late submission, until re-submitted.

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