This is an argumentative essay answering a research question

ENGL 1304 – Dr. Gray Essay 3 – Research-Supported Argumentative Essay The final writing assignment will be a continuation of the work you’ve done with Assignment 2 – the exploratory process and annotated bibliography related to the intersection of ethics and technology. In this final phase of the research process, you’ll move from exploration to thesis-driven argument. You concluded Assignment 2 with your tentative thesis. Now you’ll have a chance to refine that thesis, revise your research as needed, and develop your thesis in an argumentative essay. Because you are now creating a focused argument, the sources you found for the annotated bibliography may not all transfer to this stage of the process. Some sources may support your more focused claim, and some will have to be abandoned. I expect your research, as well as your writing, to be revised for this essay. You are not limited to the type of claim you may make (e.g. definition, cause, consequence, proposal, evaluation). You might, for example, choose to make a proposal on how best to maintain privacy in social networking (proposal), or to argue against drone warfare based on its ethical consequences (consequence), or to evaluate whether the dangers of NSA surveillance outweigh the benefits (evaluation). For documentation and citation models for MLA (8th Edition) and APA, consult the citation generators at the Purdue Online Writing Lab – (MLA) and (APA), as well as other resources in the assignment folder. The final paper will have the following general parameters: Length: 5 – 6 pages (1500+ words), double-spaced, 12 point standard font. Format: Paper should adhere to MLA or APA documentation style. See sample MLA and APA papers in the assignment folder. Sources: Minimum of five (5) sources with at least two (2) sources retrieved using the search tools on the library’s 1304 Research Guide. Any internet sources or websites should be reliable, current, and authoritative. Consider your ethos here and choose sources that will increase your own credibility and authority. Important: Books, articles, database materials, and websites are not the only forms of evidence you may use for an effective argument. In fact, other sources of evidence might be more effective or your particular argument. For example, if you are writing about reality television, example(s) taken from actual episodes could provide evidence for a larger point you are making. Likewise, if your focus is an issue related to surveillance in the workplace, interviewing an employer or human resources official might help develop your argument. Citations: All sources used in your paper should be documented correctly according to your specific documentation style. In-text parenthetical citations for any material directly quoted or paraphrased should correspond to citations in the Works Cited or References page. Illustrations: As illustration for your argument, include two (2) images in your essay. These can be images, charts, or graphs related to your main points or evidence. You can experiment here with using visual as well as verbal rhetoric in the essay. Note: Visual elements should be cited in the Works Cited or References page. See the “Labeling and Citing Images” document in the assignment folder. Due Date: Friday, 11/22; upload through Turnitin link by 11:59pm Writing Studios 3-A, 3-B, and 3-C will support your writing process; see studio schedule for days/times This is the entire prompt for the essay. The question for this essay is: Do the negatives of online dating outweigh the positives for teenagers and young adults? For this essay, I am arguing that the negatives of online dating outweigh the positives. My thesis is: Safety should be the most important thing before a relationship; thus, despite the success online dating has had in the past, it does not outweigh the risks such as potentially meeting with dangerous people and dealing with fake profiles/scams. Here are some guidelines that I need to follow for this paper: Introduction: • Writer 1) sets up problem; 2) gives indication of problem’s importance;3) includes a clear thesis; and 4) sets up expectations for the direction of the essay. Organization: • Paragraphs are clearly related to the thesis and arranged in logical order, following expectations set with the thesis. Paragraphs develop the reasons and evidence that support the thesis. Evidence and support: • The writer supports main points with reasons and evidence obtained through research. Specific examples support his/her points. Transitions: • Transitions and topic sentences connect the paragraphs to each other and to the thesis. The reader moves smoothly and logically from one idea to the next. Acknowledgement of objections: • The writer has briefly accounted for opposing viewpoint(s). Conclusion: • Conclusion leaves the reader with a solid understanding of the writer’s position in an interesting and insightful way. Paraphrasing, direct quotations, and in-text citations: • Writer has included in-text parenthetical citations following paraphrases or direct quotations, according to either MLA or APA documentation style. The first word(s) of the citations correspond to the first word(s) of the formal citation in the Works Cited or Reference page. • All direct quotations are embedded in the writer’s own words or introduced with author tags. Works Cited or References page: • The final page is titled Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) with entries listed in alphabetical order according to documentation style. Each entry appears in the paper. Conventions of carefully edited academic English: • Although there may be occasional errors, these are minor and do not disrupt flow or meaning for the reader. Writer maintains an objective tone (avoids ‘I” and “you’). Language and style are appropriate for a college-level audience. Illustrations: • Writer has included 2 visual elements (images, graphs, charts) to illustrate main or supporting points. Citations for images appear in the Works Cited or Reference pages. Length: • Writer has observed the length requirement of 1500+ words. Lastly, I need five sources for this essay with certain requirements. I have already found these sources and will provide the links for all five. Please argue using some or all of the sources and add 2 images that are relevant to the paper as mentioned above. I also need some quotes or paraphrases from the sources, so please add some and cite them properly as well. Here are the links to the sources: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.)