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Can you do one long response paragraph for me I mean you have to response to the reading ?

this class is about European security

Session 12 (Week of April 21)

Transatlantic Economic Relations


Daniel S. Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan, The Transatlantic Economy 2020, Foreign Policy Institute, Washington, DC:

(This is a voluminous study. The “key findings” and “executive summary” are all you need to read)

Carla Hobbs, “The EU as a digital regulatory superpower: implications for the United States,” ECFR, April 8, 2020:

Janusz Bugajzki, “Mind the Gap: and don’t succumb to transatlantic fever,” CEPA, April 10, 2020:

“US wants chemical-washed chicken on EU trade menu,” FT, January 27, 2020:

“EU trade chief believes mini-deal with US is within reach,” FT, February 26, 2020: