Those calcium supplements

Those calcium supplements aren’t doing your body any good. For each RCW, read the article and based upon your growing knowledge of Human A&P, critique the topic. The structure of the papers should be of a mini-review in accordance with the journal “Frontiers in Medicine. ” A sample paper is provided for your guidance. Each paper should be ~1,300 – 1,500 words. Here are the specific details that must be included: 1Cover page with a title and your information present 2Abstract (250 words) 3Section 1 – Offer a succinct and clear summary of the topic with update-to-date information (Introduction) 4Section 2 – Different schools of thought on the topic and/or controversies. This section should have a title. 5Section 3 – Current gaps in research. This section should have a title. 6Section 4 – Potential future developments in the field. This section should have a title. 7Conclusions 8Works cited page ——— Grading Rubric for RCWs: Points Areas of Focus Expectation 30 points Mastery of the subject matter (7.5 points for each of the 4 sections) How well did you discuss the topic? How well did you discuss the topic as it relates to each section? Was it cohesive? 5 points Grammar/spelling Points will be taken off for run on sentences and spelling errors. Proofread! 10 points Paper format – Frontiers in Medicine Formating (mini review article) Did you correctly follow the format: Contact a professor if you have any questions. Is the document at least 1,500 words? 5 points Citations