Three strikes law

Three strikes law Paper instructions: This week you will choose a topic and begin brainstorming ideas for your informative essay due in Unit 2. This same topic will be used to write your persuasive essay in Unit 3. Brainstorming is a creative-thinking exercise that can help in coming up with ideas and information that you may eventually use in writing your essays. Part 1: Brainstorming The more you free write, the more raw material you will have available to create your informative essay and persuasive essay due in Units 2 and 4, respectively. This information, combined with the ideas compiled during your brainstorming session, will serve as the starting point for: 1) finding out exactly what you know about the topic, 2) finding out how much you do not know about the topic, and 3) identifying things that are still unclear to you about the topic. Free Write a minimum of 750 words based on the topic you chose from the matrix. Focus on content Do not worry about grammar, punctuation, citation, or anything else Part 2: Grouping The goal of grouping is to generate ideas for subtopics. Categorize information from your free writing exercise into one of the following formats. Outline Bubble Map Concept Map Identify a minimum of four subtopics stemming from your main topic. Combine your work into one word document which includes your Topic, Part 1: Brainstorming, and Part II: Grouping.

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