Title: Shared Value Approach to Business

Title: Shared Value Approach to Business Project instructions: Upon reading the article from this week, you become intrigued by the concept of shared value and strongly feel that it can be differentiator in not only receiving funding from the VC but helping your bed and breakfast business become profitable on a platform of doing well. After reading the article on shared value, you realize that it is important for businesses to focus on social issues that are strategic to the company’s business model. Based on your readings for this week, identify and define a social issue in Brazil on which your Bed and Breakfast in Italy could have the most positive influence. You should also consider the ramifications that adopting this approach may have on your business profitability. Additionally, the selected societal issue needs to be verified in the manner by answering the questions below: Social Issue Identified: (the social issue to write about is unemployment) ¢ How your Bed and Breakfast in Italy will benefit from the social issue ¢ How helping the social issue will benefit your enterprise *****Please note that the social issue I have chose to discuss for this assignment is unemployment****

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