To emphasize the importance of design and development,

To emphasize the importance of design and development, this class will make use of a Research project. To assist students in better understanding career opportunities in the field of HRD, students will be required to complete a 10-15 page paper over one of the following HRD career fields: instructional designer, program developer, OD consultant, learning specialist, training facilitator, instructional media, etc. Subtitle or Section: Students will submit the document using 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with at least 3 sources sited, using APA format. Completion of this project will count as 20% of your grade. Students may email samples of their work to the instructor for critique and review without penalty as many times as they wish throughout the semester until one week before the end of the semester. After that, all work will be accepted as is.

Grading Rubric I. Organization 0-10 _______ Well thought out. Organized in a logical sequence, including a title page, abstract, use of headings, and a summary/conclusion section, all consistent with prescribed format.

II. Content 0-40 _______ A comprehensive and complete overview of the chosen career field that included information about the job description, job outlook, education and experience requirements, expected salaries, types of companies that hire those in the chosen field, etc.

III. Sources of Information 0-20 _______ Sources were cited using APA style throughout the text and listed in a List of Bibliographies. No sources older than 5 years were used.

IV. Summary 0-20 _______ Summary was consistent with data presented. Gave information relevant to the worthiness of the career for exploration.

V. Overall General Affect 0-10 _______