to that end you will be using the processing framework library language ide to create java based animations

You’re final project acts as a bridge to Programming 2 which will focus more heavily on Java and object oriented programming as well as on incorporating different libraries and requiring you to seek out, evaluate, and synthesize information from various resources without direct instruction to develop solutions for an assigned ill-structured problem. To that end, you will be using the Processing framework/library/language/IDE to create Java based animations.

Specifically, you must create a game or amusement that includes the following elements:

  • Multiple colors
  • Animation/movement
  • Raster and vector images
  • Audio or video
  • Mouse input
  • Keyboard input
  • Self-created classes and objects
  • Game play elements
  • A README file containing the names of the group members, a description of the project, and how to run/play the game/amusement

You may work on this project individually, with a partner, or in a group of up to 3 people. This project needs to be significantly your own work. You can not copy and paste someone else’s work, change a couple lines and call it your own. You cannot just follow a tutorial to create something like Pong and call it a day. You can use tutorials, but you need to shift them or alter them to make them uniquely different. If you have any questions about the project, what constitutes plagiarism, how to brainstorm a new or altered concept, etc. then please contact your instructor or teaching assistants.Submit a complete Processing sketch folder with all the required data elements included to a new git project named after the game/amusement. Be sure to include the instructor, TAs, and all group members as members of the project with at least Developer access.