Toni Morrison’s Recitatif” portrays 2 females from the time they first

Toni Morrison’s Recitatif portrays 2 females from the time they first meet at age 8 in an orphanage, where neither one is really an orphan, through 4 other meetings through the years.

While they both change in many ways over the years, two things remain the same: one is that one is white and one is black, and the other is how they view the character of Maggie, whether she was white or black, and whether they were both part of abusing her in the courtyard along with the gar girls while they were both at St. Bonny’s.

Morrison varies her chracterizations of Twyla, who is also the narrator, and Roberta by using everything from ambiguous physical characteristics, social codes, such as food and religion, and class. There is even brief physical and other information supplied about their respective mothers, where Roberta’s is big and deeply religious,

and Twyla’s is small, dances all night, and wears tight pants and little fur jackets, even in church. Later, we find out that Twyla doesn’t even know who Jimi Hendric
First, you should compare and contrast the clues you are given and identify, based on your reading. who you think is black and who is white. Support your answer by going through the clues you are given over the total of their 5 encounters, including obviously, their conversations and their roles later in life. Be specific and identify those clues/cues that have lead you to your opinion on the race of each.

Second, who of the 2 seems to have the most regret about what happened to Maggie? Why do you think this is and does it have something to do with one of them being one race or another or more to do with Maggie having been identified as disabled?
Please provide at least 4 paragraphs, including an intro and a conclusion. Of course, double space.

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