top 5 rank ordered manager behaviors

Write down your top 5 manager behaviors, save them somewhere. At the end of the course, give your top 5 again for this assignment. Give a brief explanation for your rankings. Have your rankings been affected partially as a result of taking this course? If so how? OPTIONAL – Any other thoughts to share, e.g., what should the Instructor keep versus do differently for teaching the course again?


topics have been taught in this course:

Emotional Intelligence (EI); Social Style Profile (SSP);

Eric Brunner, EI; – LT groups

Ruiz, Hiring

Ee Development; Difficult People

Jason Konn – Difficult People

–Planning & Organizing; Motivation;

Motivation; Motivation/Changing Employee Behavior/Retention;

Deviant Work Behavior,

employee feedback survey

Performance Evaluation; Communication

listening self-assess submit

Managing Conflict and handle conflict

Leadership; Impression Management Gardner)

Coping with Change; understand boss

Managing your Career Growth;