Topic: A Look From the Outside “ In

Order Description Prepare a two-page paper on the topic: œA Look From the Outside “ In Guidelines: Use the website: œWatching America is an online foreign news source that has numerous political, social, and economic stories of how the world understands us from their (foreign) perspective, not from an œAmerican view. (1) Select and read an article of your choice (translated in English). (2) Objectify yourself as a concerned citizen of the nation of which the article was written. Provide your own assessments of differences of a balanced and realistic outlook from a newsperson looking into and evaluating people’s values in the American Society. (3) Answer the question: Is it possible for foreign personnel to look at people in the American Society in a œrelatively fair manner? Conclude by evaluating how you vision other nations’ œtypical values, using the cultural relativism perspective. t.

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