tourism plan for haikou in china worksheet

Tourism Plan for Haikou(in China) Worksheet

Resource assessment (Part 2) of Haikou

Please search for information online from credible sources, such as government websites, yearbooks, journal articles, newspapers, etc. You need to make sure to cite those sources using APA style. How many sources that you cite and the credibility of the sources are very important considerations when grading. There is no word count requirement for this assignment, but please make sure you include the main information related to each question. You need to write paragraphs to summarize the information for each question, like an essay. I have listed some suggestions under each question, but you do not have to include all of them, and you can present other relevant information as well. When you submit the assignment, please only include the title for each question, which can avoid a high similarity score.

Tourism Government

Please write paragraphs to introduce the tourism government who is managing and regulating the tourism activities in Haikou.

(This could include: What is the government that is managing the tourism destination; How does the tourism government function; What are their main responsibilities; What works have they done; etc.)

Government policy

Please write paragraphs to introduce the government policies that are relevant to Haikou’s tourism. Please make sure you cite the original source for the government policies.

(This could include: What are the local, provincial, and national policies relevant to Haikou’s tourism and are they favorable or unfavorable to the tourism development; Are there any regulations and rules that impact tourism development; etc.)

Destination brand

Please write paragraphs to introduce the destination brand of Haikou.

(This could include: What is the brand of Haikou’s tourism? Is Haikou’s tourism well-known in China or internationally and how do tourists and visitors perceive Haikou’s tourism? Is the tourism destination brand positive or negative to the tourist? Are there any marketing and branding strategies related to Haikou’s tourism and what are the channels and strategies for branding?)

social context and history of the tourism destination

Please write paragraphs to introduce the social context and history of Haikou relevant to tourism.

(This could include: What is the history of Haikou that have been used for or linked to the tourism attractions (e.g., Qilou); Are there any historical or cultural tourism attractions; Anything that is related to the attitude of residents to tourists or visitors; What are the local special cultural heritage; Does Haikou offer any special local product (e.g., artifact, food); etc.)

Problems and issues related to Haikou’s tourism

After you finished the resource assessment, what are the problems and issues related to Haikou’s tourism? Or anything related to tourism that can be improved? At least, you need to include three problems or issues and explain them. Please also include the potential strategies that can solve the problem or improve the situation.