Trade War Casualty: Vincent Chin

1. Watch the video embedded in this Assignment. The link is to

You Tube channel
. Pay attention to how the content focuses on how Vincent Chin’s death is linked to political and economic factors. The embedded video clip is from You Tube. (Links to an external site.

Links to an external site.
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2. Review (re-read) “Detroit Blues” by Helen Zia. In your assignment use three quotes from the Helen’s book to that support the connection between the Vincent Chin case and how

economic climate
in Detroit during the early 1980s had influenced the Vincent Chin case.

3. Your assignment is to write an essay that shows how forms of institutional racism played a role in Vincent Chin’s death. Your essay is required to incorporate information from the documentary Vincent Who?

is available on the previous content page, the second video (above) and at least 3 quotes from Helen Zia’s chapter Detroit Blues.


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