tragedy of the commons 5

Resource Management and Tragedy of the Commons

This was mentioned in the assignment from last week (The American Conservation Movement) so we are going to revisit it because it is an important economic theory of environmental studies.

First, we need to learn about resources.


What are they?

I noticed that in our etext there wasn’t a definition and I didn’t’ find one online that I liked so I pulled out a copy of the old text that we used to use in this class. I have a couple of outdated versions of textbooks in my garage and I took some pictures of the text to use here. Sorry, the book was a little bent. I tried my best to flatten it (Withgott, 2014).

We’re going to play a game online. Watch this video to learn how to play the game first or you will get frustrated.

Sortify Game Explained in less than 1 Minute! (Links to an external site.)Sortify Game Explained in less than 1 Minute!

Play the resource game (Links to an external site.) a few times to see how high you can score. Save your screenshot. If you do not know how to take a screenshot check here. (Links to an external site.)

The tragedy of the Commons

Watch: The tragedy of the Commons (Links to an external site.)

For this submission:

1. Submit the screenshot of your Sortify game results and

2. Explain in your own 200 words (Links to an external site.) the economic theory of the tragedy of the commons and how it applies to the environment.