tuna and mango prices in japan price and value and answering questions 1 4

Format Requirements:

  1. The case assignment should be one to two pages (12-pt. font, single-spaced). If using references other than the text book, you can put them in a separate page. APA format style is preferred.
  2. You don’t need to write a case summary or introduction in your write-up. Just answer the questions.
  3. Please specify clearly which question you are answering. You can put your answer directly under each question. Or you can use number 1, 2,….4 to indicate which question you are answering. Don’t write a big paragraph and expect the professor to identify the answer (I will deduct points if you do so).
  4. Please put your name in your assignment so that after I download all your submitted assignments, I can know which one is yours.
  5. Don’t use PDF file. Use word file.