two discussions of hrm in hospitality

Discussion 1:

This series of podcast/video is about attitude, culture, and wages. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with some helpful hints and terms that will provide very useful during any interview, renegotiation meeting, or contracts for each of you in the future!

Mark Murphy starts this off with his take on hiring for ATTITUDE!!

Now, progress into the 2 part podcast series from Lodging Leaders on Labor and Hiring!

231 | Culture Club: Your hotel’s work environment may be bad for business (Labor and Hiring Part 1) (Links to an external site.)

Is your hotel a fun place to work? Do your employees look forward to spending their day at your hotel?

If the answers are no, then your business is in trouble.

Do you have difficulty keeping good employees? Do you see staff members whispering in huddled groups? Do you or your supervisors work behind closed doors?

If the answers are yes, then your business is in trouble.

Many hotel managers know how to build a culture of service to attract guests. At the same time, they may overlook the needs and expectations of the other people in the building.

Successful leaders not only focus on creating positive experiences that acquire guests and build customer loyalty, they expand those strategies to the hotel’s workforce to attract and keep good employees.

This episode of Lodging Leaders explores the concept of workplace culture, and why it matters, especially in today’s tight labor market.

We talk about how a positive work environment can make your hotel business, and how a toxic atmosphere can break it.

We interview Del Ross, chief revenue officer at Hotel Effectiveness; Carrie David, chief human resources officer at Interstate Hotels & Resorts; Chris Bennis, a recruiter with Snelling Hospitality; Bryan DeCort, executive vice president at Hotel Equities; and Nancy Curtin Morris, vice president of learning and people development at Hotel Equities.

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Discussion 2:

232 | Wage Pressures: How to plug cost leaks in your hotel’s labor pool (Labor and Hiring Part 2) (Links to an external site.)

At the peak of a great upward climb from the Great Recession, the U.S. lodging industry is seeing a leveling off in business performance.

During the 25th annual Lodging Conference in Phoenix last week, many industry experts talked about a new normal of muted revenue gains and thinner profit margins as expenses continue to grow.

The biggest and fastest-growing operating expense in the hotel industry today is labor.

STR reports U.S. hotels saw labor costs grow an average 3.7 percent from 2016 through 2018. Those three years are the only period in the past 20 years in which labor costs exceeded revenue growth.

Although industry analysts cite much-talked-about causes of increased labor costs such as minimum wage laws and a tight employment market, some of the reasons your hotel is wrestling with the expense are not so obvious.

In this episode of Lodging Leaders – the second in a two-part series about hiring and labor – we explore how you can get a grip on labor costs, become more efficient in scheduling employee hours, and manage employees’ work expectations.

We hear from Del Ross, chief revenue officer at Hotel Effectiveness; Bryan DeCort, executive vice president at Hotel Equities; and Bruce Barishman, vice president of operational excellence at Interstate Hotels & Resorts. We also include excerpts from a presentation by economist Bernard Baumohl at The Lodging Conference.

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