Two forms of government

Project description the two comparison and contrast should be on the two forms of governments which they are DEMOCRACY AND MONARCHY . I need it ti be in 5 BODY PARAGRAPHS. Comparison/contrast questions commonly arise in every imaginable discipline. To compare is to point out how two things are similar (likenesses); to contrast is to stress how they are dissimilar (differences). All comparisons and contrasts are concerned with two sides, and you must deal equally with both. Make sure that the items/subjects to be compared/ contrasted belong to the same class. Carefully decide on the areas of your comparison /points or logical bases for comparison. The following expressions indicate comparison: alsoas well as bears resemblance to both. . .and in common with in like manner like likewiseneither. . .nor similar too The following expressions indicate contrast although this may be trueat the same time butfor all that howeverin contrast to in opposition tonevertheless on the contraryon the one hand on the other hand otherwisestill unlikewhereas yet Basic Organizational Pattern I. Introduction: Lead-in (1-3 sentences) Central idea Names both subjects/topics and states the reason for the comparison (to show inferiority, superiority, or to give information Thesis Gives the areas of comparison/contrast II. Body paragraphs may use the alternating/sequenced and block/chunking methods of comparison. Important: Topic sentences must name both subjects and state the area or basis of your comparison/contrast. The example below contrasts the Toyota Camry and the Volkswagen Jetta on the basis of cost, performance, and looks: Alternating/ Sequenced Outline First body paragraphI. Topic sentence names both subjects and gives the first area of comparison/contrast (Cost) A. Camry B.Jetta Second body paragraph I. Topic sentence names both subjects and gives the second area of comparison/contrast (Performance) A.Camry B.Jetta Third body paragraph 1. Topic sentence names both subjects and gives the third area of comparison/contrast (Looks) A.Camry B.Jetta

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