Type 2 Diabetes in Northern Ontario

Description The paper will be based on academic research and health organization data. You may use graphs and charts to illustrate data. The paper should be 6-8 pages excluding references in Times New Roman 12pt font. Throughout the body of the paper, use in-text citation to indicate when you are using information or ideas from another source. All references used should be included with complete reference information under the References Cited section at the end of your paper. Please use APA style references.  Your paper will highlight a real public health issue (type 2 diabetes) with a focus on your local context, Northern Ontario (if local data is unavailable, use data for all of Canada). Paper Sections: Introduction/Background: Provide a description of the health concern; what is its natural history, how is it caused, who is impacted and how? Local Impact: Present some local statistics (Northern Ontario). If there have been recent changes in these, discuss why. Try to get as specific as possible. If local data is not available, discuss the national context (Canada). The Role of Public Health: Describe past public health efforts and their impact (in northern Ontario, if not Canada). What worked, what didn’t? What are current social and public health programs aimed at addressing this concern? Conclusion: Summarize your findings. Provide some thoughts, advice, and recommendations for further progress. References Cited: Complete bibliography in APA sty