Uncertainty in the World Economy in 2012

POWERPOINT. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the case on p. 387 (What Role for Inflation?) or the case on p. 417 (Uncertainty in the World Economy in 2012). Prepare 10-15 slides (cover and reference slides do not count) presentation on some aspect of the topic covered by the case you select. This will require you to do some research beyond what is provided in the case and our textbook. Use 2-3 non-textbook sources and be sure to cite your sources in a reference slide using APA format. Also, use the slide notes function to explain the messages and content of each slide in detail…as though you were presenting to a live audience. Consider this to be a script that you would use with your slides as you present this chapter to a class of students. (I want to be able to read what you would say if you were to present this to a live audience.) Because you are using the slide notes function, submit this assignment as a PowerPoint file only, no PDF or other file types, please.