unit 3 group project assignment for itas 469

Assignment Description

The executive leadership team (ELT) is pleased with the overall idea of implementing your version of the IT governance program design. Their next area of concern is related to cybersecurity. Many of the ELT members have seen news clips and read articles about the risks that organizations face in the realm of cybersecurity, and they are interested in learning how your IT governance program will address cybersecurity risks to the organization.

The Unit 3 Group Project will require that you work collaboratively with your team to design a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation that will outline your team’s recommendations for the design and implementation of a security strategy within your overall IT governance program. In your presentation, you should include the following:

  • Slide 1: Title Slide
  • Slide 2: An overview of the concept of security within the overall IT governance framework
  • Slide 3: The current design of security within your organization
  • Slide 4: An overview of risk management processes within your organization
  • Slide 5: The gap analysis showing unmitigated risk
  • Slide 6: Attributes of good security strategy
  • Slide 7: Pros and cons of implementing the COBIT model
  • Slide 8: Pros and cons of implementing the capability maturity model
  • Slide 9: Pros and cons of implementing the ISO/IEC 27001/27002 model
  • Slide 10: Information security management metrics
  • Slide 11: Summary of next steps with your list of recommended actions to be taken within the next 6 months
  • Slide 12: References

Note – you team may add slides to any of the above slide topics if needed.

Within your presentation, please include a cover page with your names, course information, unit number, and date. All references should be listed and in proper APA format. You should use the speaker notes section if you wish to add additional content on the topics presented.