unit 4 assignment 1 technology



For this assignment, you will utilize a provided database to perform basic object creation and modification.

At a minimum your submitted database should:

  • Modify the Patient table to include at least 2 additional records
  • Modify the Employee table to include an Employee Title field and then give each employee record a title in the Title field
  • Create a relationship between the EmployeeID field in the Employee table and the DoctorID field in the Patient table
  • Include three queries
    • One query should be a simple one table query with two criteria (using the or: row. Name this one Query 1)
    • One query should be a simple one table query with a criteria from the list at http://www.gcflearnfree.org/access2016/query-criteria-quick-reference-guide/1/. Name this one Query 2.
    • One query should be a multiple table query with at least one criteria. Name this one Query 3.
    • Each query should include multiple fields.
  • Include at least one form
    • The form should allow a user to add a new record to one of the tables.

Your database must also utilize database design and data management principles such as primary keys and defined relationships, as appropriate.