using spss statistics to analyze health data for macbook 1


To complete this assignment, you will need the following files:

a) OSHPD Data File (I will message you this one personally since the SPSS file is not uploading)

b) OSHPD Documentation

c) CA County Codes

all of these files have been attached

Copy results from your SPSS output file into a Word document. (Add the answers and output to the “SPSS Assignment-(1)” document) All answers should be in complete sentences; it is NOT sufficient to paste the results into Word without specifically answering the question unless otherwise noted. Statistical tests must include complete interpretations along with the SPSS output.

You must include the log that describes the recoding of all variables needing to be recoded and all information on the work you have completed to answer the questions. Your SPSS data file (.sav) should match your answers. (In other words, I should be able to run the analyses from your SPSS file and get the same results you report.) You are required to type the values into the variable view of the SPSS file for all variables that you use, including those you recode; your interpretations must use the category names and not simply the codes used in SPSS. (For counties, you only need to type in county names for the values you will use.)