using the results of our survey complete the following write a one paragraph description of the results of your survey write one sentence summarizing any key finding s write one sentence connecting the finding s to the other sources

I did not do the survey but you can act like if you do it using information from you.

Also, I’m attaching two example below for how it should look like.


  • The survey was sent through social media out to 25 random people. Many employees are experiencing the effects of stress on work performance. The effects of stress can be either positive or negative. The result of the survey was 60% of them were suffering from negative stress. Most of them said the reason was that they do not like what they do

Survey highlights

Demographics of responders:

58% Female

42% Male

  • Identifying the negative effects may enable them to take necessary action to cope with stress and might lead to enormous issues in their life.
  • This survey was similar to the myriad surveys that have been done. The connection between this survey and other similar survey is can lead to bigger and very serious problems, and it is possible for the people who suffer this to start thinking about suicide

Example 2

The survey was sent through email out to 25 building construction projects managers. Construction delays are one of the most common disputes that arise on projects. The delays in construction projects have significant financial and social impact to all parties involved in the projects. The aim of the survey is to analyze the impact of delay in construction projects by identifying and ranking the delay factors. The most 4 factors that cause construction delays were listed below:

1- Budget Inaccuracies.

2- Labor Challenges.

3- Lack of Effective Communication

4- Failure in Coordination between Time Schedule and Execution

The survey result exposed that the construction projects in the developing countries suffer more delay than the developed countries The critical delay factors found in construction projects were budget inaccuracies, labor challenges, lack of effective communication, failure in coordination between time schedule and execution. The results will guide the construction manager to take necessary measures to reduce the impact on construction project.

This survey was like some other surveys that were made to find the main factors for building construction projects delays. All the studies provide a methodology for identifying the delay factors and analyzing the impact on construction projects.