utilize both quantitative and qualitative research methods

Health and Wellness

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

400 or more words

2 -4 Quality original peer reviewed sources and references

Think about ways that we can utilize both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Please use this opportunity to dig deeper into the research literature on your chosen topic.

Please attach a research article related to your capstone topic that uses qualitative and quantitative research methods and describe how each are used.

If you can’t locate an article that uses both, please describe which type is used and what other variables could be measured to account for the “missing” type.

For example, if you select an article using only quantitative methods, please identify them and then describe some qualitative methods that could be included in your study.

The topic:

Design a program to assess and improve physical fitness and nutrition for residents in an assisted living facility. Assume all are able to walk (with or without assistive devices). This should include a step-by-step plan that could be given to the director of the facility for implementation with the goal of improving balance, strength and endurance in residents and helping them to remain independent and capable of self-care and activities of daily living. Students should identify a facility in their area and use as much of their data (i.e. number of residents, mean age, facilities, budget, etc.) as possible. The physical fitness and nutrition plans should be written in detail for each day for a minimum of one week.