Venn Diagrams

username for EU Online library- 8601264 Password for EU Online library- Desmond Library Assignment: Write a paper on Venn Diagrams based on article(s) found in EU library. The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with the Online Library resources available at Everglades University and is a requirement to be completed and submitted for grading by the end of week 2. When constructing this document, the APA 6 format is required. You will find an APA Formatting and Style Guide in the Writing Help section (See also the web site address at the end of this page). The body of the paper is to be about 1 page, and the paper should have a title page and a reference pages (3 pages total), typed, double-spaced, sources cited, with at least one reference from the EU Online Library. Use a size 12, Times-New-Roman font. Assignment: Using EU library find a full-text, scholarly article(s)/journal(s) on the approved topic. To access a search engine in the EU Online Library, go to and sign in using your student number and pin. Under DATABASE RESOURCES click the link for (LIRN) Library and Information Resources Network. Find a full-text, scholarly article/journal on a topic that is related to Venn Diagrams (It is not necessary to be an article about Venn diagrams), and is of interest to you. Describe your reaction to the article and how the information was useful to you. The requirements for this type of assignment is for you to fully develop a narrowly focused topic that properly cites the sources used. Discuss your thoughts about the relevance and quality of the article/journal.