Project description In late 2007, to great fanfare, Walmart’s US discount store division launched a new merchandising strategy and a new store remodeling program to improve their customers’ shopping experiences. Management designed these initiatives to correspond with its adoption of a new slogan œSave Money. Live Better. as well as a new growth strategy. The new strategy, dubbed Project Impact, attempted to attract more affluent consumers to Walmart’s stores and increase margins. Although Project Impact received very favorable reviews initially, the media, analysts, insititutional investors and others subsequently criticized the program. Moreover, Walmart’s US’s sales disappointments for 7 quarters in a row are widely attributed to taking Project Impact too far. Walmart’s new US chief, Bill Simon, so far has opted to stick with Project Impact but to add back some of the popular features the program eliminated “ such as a broader merchandise selection and so-called œAction Alley. Based upon the strategy concepts we have discussed in class and read about in the textbook as well as your company research, you and your teammates must decide how Walmart’s management team can best pursue growth and protect its competitive advantage over the next five years. Can Walmart grow by attracting more affluent customers? Should Walmart scrap efforts to expand its appeal to wealthier Americans and focus on other growth opportunities? You must support your answer both with strategy concepts AND at least three pieces of strongly persuasive evidence. For the paper should have:- 1A: Main idea/recommendation clearly stated at the beginning of the essay. 2A: Concepts applied systematically. 3A: At least 3 pieces of evidence is used that clearly supports main points. Exhibits or appendices organize ideas or evidence in a compelling way. 4A: Style and grammar: paper is written in a compelling style with no more than minor typos. No passive voice. Recommendations made in first person. NO BULLET POINTS or lists. Essay-style only.

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