watch any movie and answer questions

Rewatch one of your favorite films, or a play, or music video, or an episode of a TV show.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities:

Get some popcorn or your favorite refreshment and relax.


Part 1:

1). What is the name of the art object you viewed?

2). Who wrote or created the thing you viewed?

3). What year was it created?

4). What genre(s) would your object fit into?

5) Cite your scene in MLA format.

6). Who would be the audience for this film?


Part 2:

7). Lighting, Fourth wall, Audience, Camera Work Cinematography, Dialogue, Props, Costumes, Lines, Non- Verbal Action, Acts, Genre, Call and Response, Improvisation, Scene, Character, Time Period, Settings, Location, Nationality, Acting, Performance, Monologue, Gender, Sexuality, Disability, Race

Pick 2 terms from the list above. Discuss in 75 – 100 words max for each term you chose how it relates to what you viewed.

Attention: To receive credit for the lab work. You must always cite the video/text/audio you’re writing about in either MLA or Chicago style citation. Cite: Name, Title, Date, Genre, Publisher/Studio/Time Duration

Example: The Potluck and the Passion, Directed by Cheryl Dunye, LGBTQ film (1993),, 22 minutes.