watch few videos then answer some questions each video is only 2 3 minutes long

All need to be completed and returned to me by Thursday nightApril, 23rd.

Please complete all of the tasks listed below. Each task has a video to watch and tasks for you to do.

1. This video is actually everything you need to know in order to sail a boat. Please watch the whole thing

before going on to the next. There are no tasks to do in this one except to watch the video to the end.

You will be asked to watch this video again in the last question on this exam. This time there will be tasks.

so lets go sailing…..

2. Why does a boat float??? Archimedes’ Principle…BOYANCY This is true magic… Very important….

Please watch all 3 of the following videos in order to answer the questions.

a) write, using your own words, a paragraph to explain “What is Archimedies’ principle? Your understanding.

b) All modern boats are made from materials heaver than water and should sink when placed there.

Why don’t they sink?

c) Each of you could find your body weight by stepping on a scale. Please tell me exactly how much less

you would weigh if you were submerged in water. The answer should not contain any numbers.

3. How to Tack a sailboat…. One of the most important things to know to do in sailing.

Please …. Watch this many times until you understand it and know how to do it…

how to tack;

a) Write me a very long paragraph explaining what tacking is, why sailors do it and how it is done in as

much detail as possible. This task will constitute A large part of your grade so Please give it a lot of attention.

4. Roller furling…….. This has to do with the sails on a boat and the easiest and safest way to use them.

a) Explain what it is, how it works and why it is on the boat?

5. Parts of a sailboat….It is very important to know the names of the parts that make a sailboat.

a) : Write the name and purpose for each of the parts of the boat presented in the video.

6. Parts of the sailboat’s rig…all sailors need to know what makes up the “rigging” on a sailboat.

a) Write the name and purpose for each of the parts of the rig presented in the video.

7.” Points of sail” is an important(a difficult) concept for cruising sailors. Please try your best.

. a) For each of the following, choose the direction the wind is hitting the boat.

Choices are (from the front, from the side or from the back)

1) when a boat is sailing ” on a run”

2) when a boat “on a beat” or”close hauled”

3) when a boat on “a beam reach”.

8. How to use a winch. This item is found on all sailboats and makes your sail easier and safer.

a) Explain what it is, how it works and why it is on the boat

9. The rules of the road in sailing. Without actually being on a sailboat these questions may seem difficult.

However, the videos will have all the answers but not easy to see. Do your best.

Lets assume we are watching 2 sailboats, sailboats A and another sailboat B as in the video.

And…..Boat A is sailing on a starboard tack and boat B is on a port tack…..

a) Who would have right-of-way When..

1)they are approaching each other head-on

2) they approach each other from the side

3) Boat A is behind the Boat B but is going faster and overtaking it.

b) If both Boats were sailing next to each other and both were on a port tack. Which boat would have the

Right of Way….the one up wind(wind hits them first) or the one down wind(wind would hit second)?????

10. Physics of sailing. This is a difficult topic and so watch each of the 2 videos a couple of times.

a) how does the wind make the sailboat move?.

b) how can a sailboat “sail into the wind”(sail at an angle less than 90 degree toward the wind?

11. 7 knots everyone should know

a) write the name for each knot and give the applications for each.

12. Here we are at the last question. Yes, this is that first video again “Lets go sailing”.

a) Please watch this video again to enjoy. Please write a paragraph describing the things you know now

that you did not know when you began the exam. also add anything else you would like to share with me.

Below is a link to see what is below decks in a nice cruising sailboat. Just to watch.

A cruising sailboat is just a house that floats.