watch the video and answer these questions

watch the video and answer these questions.

1. Why is it significant that chimps have been observed bathing in pools at Fongoli?

2. How do chimps in Fongoli hunt bush babies?

3. How do anthropologists define culture? What are they looking for?

4. What can the ‘ape slot-machine’ tell us about chimp’s ability to copy?

5. In the experiments, how is ape cooperation different from humans?

6. How do chimps help each other and work together differently from bonobos in the experiment?

7. How many English words does Kanzi know?

8. How might emotions and impulse control affect cooperation in various species?

9. How do humans and apes use symbols differently?

10. Describe what needs to happen to make learning from another individual different from copying?

11. Why can humans and dogs understand pointing, but apes don’t seem to ‘get it’?