watch videos and write the essay

SCREENINGS: As with the mid-term response, please select several of films from our Module Screening listings (updated listings are in the Modules under Screenings Week 8-15) to explore, pro & con, and how they may have impacted your thinking/utilization of the photographic; also consider how these films relate with our screenings in the first half of the semester…were they a reiteration of various themes we began exploring, or did some open up novel or different approaches than our first half screenings? (Bear in mind our revised screenings program due to COVID-19, which limited some of our screening options).

If possible, try to select at least a short or two from each module too , including the pieces we watch in class, as well as a few feature from across the sessions.

In particular, discuss several CONTACTS episodes you chose to watch on your own, though you may also combine these with discussions of those we watched in class.

Additionally, you’re welcome to reflect on my reasoning for the selections (and offer a critique or counter-programming thoughts)!


For the second part, please select from the second half Modules — in three groupings, WEEKS 8-11; WEEKS 11-14A; WEEKS 11-14B — at least three (3) from each module grouping (9 total) artifacts/links/content or the items (books & pdfs) in the Course Reserves (many of these pdfs are in the modules/pages/discussion board threads too) as well as the select pages or discussion board threads (including COVID-19 re-habituation) under each screening week.

Why/What motivated your selection? If it has a connection to screenings you discussed, you can reiterate those connections here too.

Since there are some redundancies from the first half of the semester, do select new artifacts to explore/discuss!

Again, feel free to use images grabs/screen-shots from your selections.

If you chose to watch a variety of the EXTRA-SCREENING posts, please submit your brief responses in the separate bonus assignment post. (See that assignment for details).

look for 6-8 pages.