watching two short video and writing 2 pages

Watch these two videos and do the following in approximately two pages double-spaced:

Summarize the main points of the video
State how they relate to this class (the description of the course is below)
Explain what from the videos might be helpful in your future coursework or career.

Here are two video links:
How to use rhetoric:
How to change someone’s mind:

The course is called communications for engineers. At the beginning of this course, we learned how to write e-mails, letters and memos. We learned how to choose the best one for communication, for whom to send them and how to write each one of them by following a specific format of them. Later in course, we learned about data visualizations and we learned how to analyze data and show the data in figures, like showing the data in pie charts and column chart. We also learned how to get people attentions by showing the data in an attractive format. Then in this course, we learned how to describe a local problem by completing a primary and secondary research. We wrote the problem by including Background Information, Problem Description, Impacted Populations, Problem Causes and References.