Exemplary Case Study Topics in Any Field

Exemplary Case Study Topics in Any Field 

One of the biggest tasks perhaps when it comes to case study writing is choosing the issue to discuss. Since case study assignments involve looking at two aspects, a student must determine the best case study topic before the writing phase.Exemplary Case Study Topics in Any Field

The concept of topic selection is quite straightforward when students are being taught. However, in practice, it is quite challenging than it seems. Thousands of students with case study assignments have opted to buy a case study online merely because they cannot find a suitable problem to tackle.

Although the number one option is to research on a theme, sometimes, research leaves a writer more confused than before. It is at this juncture that students discover the tricky aspect of choosing case study topics.

EliteHomeworkWriters is filled with case study specialists who can help you out with this issue. We will help you choose brilliant, feasible and researchable topics that can boost your grades. Take a look at some of the best case study topics of all time: Exemplary Case Study Topics in Any Field

Excellent Case Study Topics in Economics and Marketing

Some ideas you can keep in mind when wondering what to discuss in your economics case study assignment include:

  • The Impact of Globalization on the Economic Stability of the Post-Soviet Countries
  • The Role of Social Media in McDonalds in Maintaining Effective Communication between Customers and Suppliers
  • The Winning Strategies Adopted by Apple that Helped the Firm Gain Its World Recognition
  • The Types and Impact of Sharia Law and Banking Systems in the Islamic States
  • The Impact of Using Twitter and Facebook for Brand Development
  • The Effective Business Ethics that are being Applied by Google Today
  • The Historical Perspective and Relationship between Oil Prices and Financial Crises
  • Competent Advertising Strategies Adopted by Nike Company

Brilliant Case Study Topics in Information Technology and Environmental Science

This list consists of themes such as:

  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bestowment of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Impact of Brain-Computer Interface on the Development of Human Race
  • Practical Ways on How the Problems of Haptic Technology Could Be Resolved in the Future
  • The Significance of Data Mining in the Expansion of New Social Platforms
  • All Effective Capacities of Software Development that are Being Used in the New Millennium
  • The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Students Autonomy
  • Green Technologies that Can Help in Reducing Wastage in the Pacific Ocean
  • The Contribution of Tesla to Saving Endangered Species
  • The Effects of Polluting Water on the Incidence of Beavers in Canada
  • The Pluses, Minuses, and Gaps in the Ecotourism of Australia
  • How the Biggest Mammal on the Planet, Blue Whale, is on the Edge of Extinction

Excellent Case Study Themes in Education and Psychology

A lot of instructors tend to test on this category. Here are some ideas you can discuss in your next case study assignment:

  • Comparing between the Student-centered and the Teacher-centered Approach
  • The Effect and Influence of Classroom Observation in Teaching Children with Disabilities
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-learning
  • The Role of Self-monitoring in Establishing Healthy Relationships with Clients
  • Efficient Ways of Treating Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
  • Ways in which Employees Can Overcome Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • How to Deal with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a Result of Kidnapping
  • The Application and Influence of a Target Template on Business Mergers


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The Best Nursing Paper Topics

Most nursing students want nursing research paper writing help because they do not have the best topic choice. Most students have monotonous nursing paper topics that do not sit well with strict professors. In this article, we will look at some thoughtful nursing paper topics.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Paper Topic

Choosing the right nursing research topic calls for research. A student has to look through a list of existing nursing research problems and questions. When reviewing them, an individual must ensure that they focus on research questions that could make a significant contribution to the nursing profession. One can acquire existing nursing gaps in various works of nursing theorists. If not, they can look at emerging nursing issues and try and formulate a competent nursing research problem. Only the right nursing paper topic will help you in formulating a persuasive and precise final paper.

The Best Nursing Research Topics for Healthcare Students

Here are some nursing paper topics that can inspire you to craft a paper addressing the research question of your choice:

Mental Health Nursing Paper Topics

Under mental health, a student can choose to tackle any of these themes:

  • The most effective and practical care routine for suicidal patients
  • The most appropriate time of involving a psychiatrist during a patient’s treatment
  • Risk factors and effective treatments for generalized anxiety disorder
  • Approaches nurses can adopt to mitigate patient depression
  • Ways of slowing down the cognitive degeneration of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease
  • The most effective ways of dealing with self-harm patients in the emergency rooms
  • The effectiveness of aromatherapy in fighting stress and depression in patients
  • The effect of aging on a patient’s psychological health

Health Care Promotion Topics

Under this category, you can tackle issues such as:

  • Effective ways of reducing the spread of infectious diseases
  • Ways a healthcare institution can deal with overweight nurses
  • The impact of exposing children and teenagers to drug use
  • The best approaches to creating skin cancer awareness
  • How to deal with teenage pregnancies among ethnic minorities
  • The best strategies of discouraging teenagers against smoking and drinking
  • Effective ways of creating occupational hazards awareness in a factory


The Best Nursing Paper Topics on Nursing Issues

If you want to write a paper on nursing issues then here are a few ideas for you:

  • Effective ways nurses can adopt in dealing with nervousness and anxiety
  • How a facility can counter the problem of lack of adequate qualified nurses
  • The benefits of collaborative nursing
  • Legal issues that nurses face in a health care institution
  • Challenges nurses encounter on their way to becoming a certified nurse
  • Difficulties nurses with less authority face in the decision making process
  • Approaches health facilities can use in creating cultural sensitivity among nursing staff

Nursing Paper Topics on Pain Management

In this category, we have research problems such as:

  • Chronic pain disorders that arise from incorrect acute pain treatment
  • Reasons for increased risk of opioid poisoning in pediatric patients
  • The relationship between opioid drugs and addiction in teenagers
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of Benson’s relaxation therapy among post-cesarean mothers
  • The best post-discharge pain-relief treatments

Easy Nursing Paper Topics

Other interesting nursing paper topics that you can tackle include:

  • The effectiveness of medical marijuana management rules
  • How to deal with medical-legal issues in a health setting
  • Best approaches to combat sexual harassment in a healthcare facility
  • Legal aspects of using forbidden substances in medicine
  • Effective ways of reducing breast cancer
  • How to promote diversity in a healthcare setting
  • The moral elements of euthanasia
  • Effective methods of coping with stressful patients in the ERs

These are some of the most brilliant nursing paper topics you can ever tackle. They are perfect for a nursing research paper, term paper, argumentative essay, and so on.


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Child Care Services

Child Care Services in Shepparton


When birthdays or other gift giving holidays come around, instead of taking your child shopping, help them make a present. Not only will your child get to be creative and give a unique gift, but you’ll get to spend quality time together. This is especially good if the present is for the child’s other parent or another relative.


Make sure your children know exactly what is expected of them. When children are young, you can make lists of items for them to complete each day. For example, they can have a bedtime routine list, a morning wake-up list, and even one to tell what to pack in their school backpack. Clarity is key when getting children to be responsible for themselves.


Child Care Services in Shepparton great tip to help you be a good parent is to never abuse drugs or alcohol. If your child sees you when you’re drunk or high on drugs they’ll lose a tremendous amount of respect for you. You can simply avoid this by drinking moderately and by not doing drugs.

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