Wedding assignment

Wedding assignment

Paper instructions: You are to write a 5 page research paper on a topic of your choice that relates to the MEEC Industry on Weddings assignment.

For example, if you have an interest in weddings, you can write a research paper on wedding assignment.

If you have an interest in technology, you can write a research paper on technology and how it relates to MEEC.

If you have an interest in a specific type of event or want to explore a career in MEEC, use this paper to do that research.

It is an exploratory research paper. You must have at least 3 sources for your paper and one of those must be the text book.

Other sources can be magazine or trade articles, journal articles, interviews with someone that works in industry, etc.

You are to write it following APA guidelines however, you DO NOT need to have a cover page or an abstract.

I just mainly want to see your in-text citations for ANYTHING that is not your own words or common knowledge and your bibliography, as well as formatting for the body of the paper (headings and sub-headings, line spacing, indents, etc).Wedding assignment

There are resources available to help you with APA style. I have provided a few links and you can google APA Styleguide for more resources.

You can turn your paper in to turn-it-in as often as you wish before the due date to do a plagiarsm check and spelling/grammar check. A good source for your bibliography is