week 12 reading discussion

Read Comparisonsofartsfunding27Oct2005_0.pdf

Since this is a long report, focus more on understanding the overall international trend and how it is different from or similar to that in the U.S. Also identity what’s notable for us as American arts managers/students.

Post a 100-150 word response, including your takeaways, insights, and two questions you had regarding the topic, to the Canvas discussion board. Then, provide a thoughtful response to two other classmates’ responses, offering feedback on their thoughts and/or answering their question(s).

We will bring discussions from Canvas to class each week. (NOTE: Your questions should be bigger, open-ended ones you have about the reading which can initiate discussions among the class. They should NOT be simple ones such as “who is the author of this article?” “what is the definition of arts advocacy?” but more along the lines with “how can we, as college students, advocate for the arts?”