week 4 discussion statistics

Week 4 Discussion

Statistics is its own language. In fact, it is often called the language of science. Why do you think it is called the language of science? What does it mean to be statistically literate? Why is it important to be statistically literate?

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Below is peer’s discussion in which I’ll have to post a response too.

LaSonia Broadnax

RE: Week 4 Discussion

Hello Class and Professor,

Statistics is often called the language of science because statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, presenting, and interpreting numerical data. Its primary purpose is to assist us in making a more effective decision when analyzing this numerical data being shown. Being statistically literate means that we’re able to understand statistical information, why it’s needed, and the meaning of fundamental mathematical ideas such as averages or samples and how to interpret graphs and charts that appear in the media. Being statistically literate is essential because it allows us to think critically about information presented to us while understanding its context so that we were able to tell the story the data being presented is telling us. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Have a great 4th week. Stay safe.