week assessment 2

Week #14 Assessment

Please answer the following question.

Based on the assigned readings, the online lecture and the video links provided…

  • Why is salvation not by faith alone? What does the word believe mean and what else is required of the believer for salvation and a right relationship with God? What is baptism and how does it fit into the scheme of salvation?
  • What does the word martyr mean, and what does the Church teach about martyrdom? Are you prepared to be a martyr? Why or why not?

In addition to the video, exclusively use the reading material for this week and the Online Lecture to support your argument.

Exclusively use the Online Lecture and the reading material for the week to support your argument.


  • You have to respondto the question(s) posted for the week assessment in less than 12 hours from now.
  • Response must be 3 paragraphs in length (4-6 sentences per paragraph), cited with references from the “Online Lecture and Johnson, chapters 13-19” ONLY
  • Response MUST be based exclusively from the “Online Lecture, Johnson, chapters 13-19”that provided in this attached files and NOT from any other outside sources.
  • Also, you need to answer completely the 2 attached files named “Week #14 ACTIVITY – Pauline Literature part III-3 & part IV-1″cited answers with references from the “Online Lecture, Johnson, chapters 13-19, and the 2 links for the videos”
  • Video (Pauline Literature, Part III) link:
  • Video (Pauline Literature, Part IV) link:

For the Week #14 ACTIVITY sheets, you need to use the online lecture, Johnson, chapters 13-19, plus the below 2 links for the videos:

Video (Pauline Literature, Part III) link:


Video (Pauline Literature, Part IV) link: