What can the Church Receive from refugees?


 What can the Church Receive from refugees? and the Research Question, he told me that I focus on the theological of refugees, so for this new proposal form we will focus on this topic, he told me to modify the Rationale, and the Reseach Question will be 1. What the Church Offers the Refugees? offers, referring to Host and Hospitality. 2. What the Refugees Offers the Church? We will focus on: – Christology: Jesus as Refugee 11/2/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/493814#instructions 5/8 – Two natural Christology (the Crist is fully human and fully divine) – Jesus was a guest 3. The church must become both: Guest + host —————- conclusion conclusion. 1. Church often sees itself as host e.g. ……… ……… ………. 2. Should learn from refugees what it means to be guest e.g. X as Refugees e.g. X as Guest 3. Church is both host and guest.This is the list of books and articles that the tutor told me that I will use and the first four books are the key books and we can find them in google book and the other two are articles, so we have to find 4 more sources but that deal with the theology of refugees