what is a research proposal 2

Research Question Assignment

For the next phase of your research proposal project, you are to: develop at least two research questions, a relevant theoretical perspective, and an appropriate methodology that you would use. The following will be what I would like you to submit.

For the research questions:

  • Make sure that you are not making an assumption in your questions. You should not be answering the question within the actual statement. The question needs to be specific enough so that it is clear what exactly you are researching. For example:
    • A good research question example: “How does divorce influence children’s social development?”
    • A bad research question example: “How will the aftermath of divorce affect humanity?” <- the question is way too broad and will be hard to research

For the theory:

  • Choose one of the theoretical perspectives (structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and conflict theory). Give a 5-7 sentence background on what the theory is, who the notable theorist is, and what theorists of this perspective would say about your topic.
  • Afterward, in about 3-5 sentences, explain why you decided to use this perspective and not the other ones.

For the methodology:

  • Choose either qualitative, quantitative or both (mixed-methods). Describe what type of method you would use (e.g., case study, questionnaire, interview, focus group, etc.).
  • Explain why you would use it, who your sample would be, and why this approach is the most useful.