what is a theoretical approaches to leadership

Conceptual Theory and Organizational Overview

For this assignment, you will select a nonprofit, for-profit, or government human services organization for the focus of your course assignments. You will also select a theoretical approach to guide you as you examine the work of this organization.

You will present your selections in a well-written essay with peer-reviewed theoretical and practitioner support cited and referenced.

Choosing an Organization

The organization you choose for this assignment must be one for which sufficient information is available to allow you to reflect on interagency collaboration at a local, state, or national level. Because the course assignments will focus on this organization, read the assignments now to ensure that the organization you select will work for each assignment.

You may choose an organization from the following list or use another organization with the approval of your instructor.

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America (local organization).( Oxford, MS)

Choosing a Theoretical Approach

You may select one of the following theoretical approaches as described in the course textbook or choose another leadership theoretical approach with the approval of your instructor.

  • Behavioral theory..