What must Chalfant establish to make his case under ADA

Please see page 548 – Problem 18-8: A Question of Ethics

Please answer these three questions:

What must Chalfant establish to make his case under ADA? Can he meet these requirements? Explain and Discuss.
Punitive damages can be appropriate when the employer acts with malice or reckless indifference to an employee’s protected rights. Would punitive damages be appropriate in this case? Explain and Discuss.

Refer to page 19 in the Syllabus for directions on paper preparation.

Hints: Refer to pages 541-542 for textbook chapter information and research the case Chalfant v.Titan Distribution, Inc., 8th Cir. (2007) using Google.

Directions of paper preparation :
i. Papers should be about 750 words (approx. 3 pages) Use the word count feature in Microsoft Word
ii. Do not use Wikipedia for legal references. Points will be deducted if you do. Use legal texts, journals, resources, our textbook, etc.
iii. References may be footnoted – at the bottom of the page using numbers. Do not list just webpage addresses. The title of what is being referenced must be shown.
iv. Strong readability (this means correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, written in a research style not as a conversation, etc.)
v. Please note: Personal, opinion-based discussions and those that read like a conversation with a peer (using I , you and we ) are not acceptable. Write using the third person – like the text book.

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