What was going on in that song that grabbed you

Ongoing forum assignment requirement
Students are to list 8 songs that they would recommend to friends as examples of Quality Music . You must really like or at least be very curiously interested in the music of your selected performing artist(s)/group(s). You can select a song, performing artist or group that is new to you too.
Remember, you are enrolled in a History of Jazz class so a good rule to follow is to have the majority of your posts be examples of Jazz or Jazz influenced or a fusion of Jazz with (rock, hip-hop, blues, gospel, black metal, R&B, jazz, country, soul, etc.)
For each song, students need to describe what they are hearing in that music along with reasons why they selected that particular song to profile.
Use the Music Characteristics To Listen For page for specific characteristics to listen for in the music you select to profile. Remember to include the song title, the name of the performing artist/group, a brief description of the music (style/genre, instruments employed, influences from other music or artists/groups/cultures, singing style, etc.). Attach a link to a YouTube video or an mp3 file of your selected song for us to access. What was going on in that song that grabbed you? Was it the unique timbre of the singer’s voice; or the combination of several different instruments playing different lines of music at once? Can you name any of the instruments you notice being played? What mood was conveyed in the music? How was this mood achieved?
Approximately 100 words for one song.

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