whats your favorite song

Select one of your favorite songs from the broad field of popular music that is available online in video. Write a short paper of at least 150 words and include the following information.

  • Title and performer
  • URL of the online video
  • Style of song
  • Are there vocalists? If so, how many and what gender?
  • How many instruments are used in the performance?
  • Name the specific instruments that you can see in the video.
  • Is there a sung text (words that the vocalist sings)? If so, please include the words in your paper.
  • What is the meaning of the text?
  • Mood?
  • Tempo?
  • Why is the song one of your favorites?

The quantity of points awarded out of the maximum 10 points will be determined by the completeness of the requested information.

Apple’s Pages format (.pages extension) is not accepted; your instructor may not be able to open your assignment.