Where is the mango princess?

Where is the mango princess? In one page write rather than a rote book report, discuss what you learned from the book and how it affected you. How might you take into consideration some of the happenings in your future practice as speech language-pathologist? What were your reactions to how Cathy handled her husband’s situation? What things surprised you? What things didn’t surprise you? And in another page answer the following questions: 1. Where and when was the accident that caused Alan’s brain damage? Who was involved in the accident? 2. Which medical system did Cathy seem to prefer “ Canada, or U.S.? Why? 3. How long was Alan in a comma? When he emerged from the coma, was he like his old self (pre-accident)? Why or why not? 4. Was Alan’s “recovery” slow or fast? What happenings/situations during the recovery process did you find most memorable? 5. Is Alan’s relationship with his daughter, Kelly, changed post-accident? If so, how? 6. What did you learn about the stages of recovery following brain injury? Is this a group of patients that you might someday like to work with (and why/why not)? 7. Why do you think Alan’s “recovery” (eventually) was considered “excellent” by rehabilitation professionals and doctors? Do you agree that his recovery was “excellent”? What does his wife, Cathy, think? 8. How would you “sum up” the entire story and why? (e.g., triumphant, disappointing, sad, happy,etc.?)

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