Why is criminal justice an important field of study? Discuss some applications for this major?

For this assignment, you are a Police Officer going for a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice: This paper will test your general knowledge over the subject matter and your educational program (Criminal Justice) reviewing and reflecting on your experiences with the program and how you will apply the information you have studied. The following are key ideas to consider as you begin this examination: • We are looking for you to analyze your program and to think about what you have learned and to use your knowledge and experience to respond to the writing prompts. • Your responses will be based on your thoughts, feelings and what you consider important enough to relate in your response. • With this type of writing, there is obviously no “right” answer. We are looking for what you found valuable, interesting, and useful to apply to your professional and personal life. • You will not need textbooks, outside reference materials, or access to library references. Program Objectives: -Analyze the theoretical foundation of the study of crime and criminology based on research in the areas of law, public policy, and the philosophical origins of crime. -Examine the history of drugs in the U.S., the integral role of race in the creation of drug laws, the elaboration of the global trade in drugs, the U.S. drug control policies and the impact of the U.S. drug war on international relations. -Analyze the domestic and international threat of terrorism and the basic security issues surrounding terrorism today. -Evaluate strategies for refining law enforcement attitudes, behaviors, methods and tools for social advancement, community betterment and conflict reduction in relation to multicultural issues in law enforcement. -Examine theoretical perspectives with a view to understanding the relationships between various institutions and the administration of justice. -Express key concepts and theories related to criminal justice, in written form, utilizing prescribed essay criteria. Answer these three questions with the information above. Remember, you are a Police Officer going for your Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. 1) Why did you choose this major? Criminal Justice as a Police Officer 2) Do you think the program objectives listed above fit the program you completed? Why or why not? Answer this question using the Program Objectives listed above. 3) Why is criminal justice an important field of study? Discuss some applications for this major?