Why young christians(youth) leave the church

Order Description Research proposal ”””””””””””” Thinking about the Project General 1 2 3 Specific 1. Broad overview of the literature “ what are the issues, who has written about this, how is this subject labelled, major texts? You are showing here that you have a broad grasp of the topic, that you have read books and are aware of the debates. 2. How are these issues and debates to be understood in more specific contexts? How does a policy work in a specific sector, in what ways have specific organisations dealt with policies or issues, what are examples of the topic that you have selected? You are showing here that you understand that there are variations in ˜issues’ and that there are a variety of solutions that could be adopted. 3. The above two sections are likely to be secondary data. Is there any primary data that you can collect which would illustrate specific details? You are showing here that you can collect and handle primary data and link it to the broader issues. Key Elements of the Proposal Title: denotes the general area that you wish to look at “ the specific title can be adjusted later Overall Aim/Issue to be Addressed: one way to think about this is to identify the issues as questions Social Policy and/or Management Problem(s)/Relationship to Existing Research: look back to the courses that you have done for background, useful material or inspiration Key Sources to be consulted: compile booklists, journal references, newspapers and web sources “ use the Harvard system Possible Research Methods: look at the above diagram, be careful about primary data

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