William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130”

 Discuss how Shakespeare’s sonnet manages to both undermine and uphold romantic love. For your introduction or conclusion, consider whether the author is writing this piece for an actual woman or if he is really attempting to create a piece that will connect and expand the sonnet and blason traditions of Early Modern England. Essay Details: What I am looking for: * Do you know how to read a writer’s biography and extract the relevant information that will help give useful context to the poem and the topic you are discussing? * Do you know how to create a clear and interesting thesis that answers the prompt? * Do you know how to structure paragraphs around topic sentences? * Do you know how to extract relevant information from the poem to support your thesis and topic sentences? * Do you know how to use, integrate, cite, and document other people’s ideas properly? * Do you rework your draft after receiving feedback from readers? * Do you edit and proofread your drafts?