Womens Studies- Media & Cultural Identities: Gender, Race & Sexuality

Womens Studies- Media & Cultural Identities: Gender, Race & Sexuality Write an Essay answering the following under about the picture attatched to this file. Task: Briefly explain ?semiotics? and its usefulness as a form of media analysis and then conduct a semiotic analysis that attends to the: Gender, Class, Race and sexuality of the provided advertising image which is attached by file. (Text/picture is from the Vogue magazine. Lady in Red dress.) 1-You will need to consult and look over the magazine to get a sense of the context in which the advertising image appears: (e.g. the magazine Vogue- expensive magazine, high class audience-attracting women with class) 2- pay attention to the source of the advertisement and their intended audience. Given Liesbet van Zoonen?s comment that texts (or ?signs?) carry expressions of ideology (p. 76) then as well as paying attention to the denotative meaning (specific literal features) of the text you analyse, and their connotative meanings (implied meaning), you will need to comment on the ideology (big picture system of meaning) that underpins the image. This may include identifying the subject positions that are produced in the text under consideration. While pinpointing the ideology that gives the text meaning will draw on your own cultural knowledge this can be backed up with reference to relevant literature. Information that should be elaborated more throughout the essay- answering the following that has been written above: You can simply comment on the fact that the lady is dressed in red- clearly showing us that red is a sexual colour ? red lips. Expensive dress- looks formal and designer- therefore add is for high class women who love materialistic world. ?media always portraying women to look good at all times-even when working in kitchen. ?women ? seen as sex objects- dolled up. Use references for the ideologies and discourses that underpin the text.

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