Work Health Safety Plan for removal of asbestos tiles


You are required to submit detailed Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements for all of the tasks and activities that will need to be undertaken and considered during the removal of the asbestos roof tiles of the buildings detailed in the project drawings. Your submission should include: Suitably detailed and effective safe work method statements; Suitably detailed hazard identification and risk assessment documentation. Note: The drawings detailed are the original as planned drawings (not the original as built drawings). On initial investigation of the existing buildings’ you have found there are a number  discrepancies in the materials actually used when the buildings were constructed from those that were specified to be used on the original drawings.

As a result, part of the project is to remove those materials (as identified by the building control and planning approval requirements) and replace them with suitable alternatives more in line with the original drawing specifications. With this in mind, all building control and planning approvals, etc., have been obtained (and you have poetic license to assume that whatever design you intend to carry out, and the materials you intend to use (within reason) automatically comply with the approvals), and all works are to be in accordance with current building code requirements. The main concern of the authorities during the change of use and adaption of these buildings is the existing original roof tiles. It has been discovered that the roof tiles that were originally used for the roof covering were manufactured with an asbestos based material. Therefore these must all be removed and replaced with a suitable alternative. Your organization is known for its strong beliefs and commitment to work health and safety, and as such your Risk Assessment Plan and SWMS should demonstrate this.