write a 1 page memo to me your instructor explaining what employers want to see in a business writing course

Read chapter 1 and chapter 2 from the book, read details requirements from memo grading form. make sure audience is teacher himself.

use bullet points to analyist or explain 1.Oral/written communication skills,strong work wthic, team work, initiative and analytical skills. “Why company need these quality?”

Write a 1 page memo to me (your instructor) explaining what employers want to see in a Business Writing course. 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman or Helvetica), single spaced. In other words, explain to me (your instructor) what companies hope business students are learning in college and what they expect business professors to cover. Try your best to maintain a professional tone (or discourse), and make sure to mention specific information from chapter 1 in the textbook. Also, be sure to search your textbook for formatting guidelines on memos, and examine the assignment rubric carefully.